Reliable Equipment – In Brief

Reliable Equipment is a company committed to quality.  Founded in 2014 with the aims and objective of providing specialized quality solution in the areas of mechanical engineering, specially for valves, pipes, fittings, pneumatic & hydraulic components, Pneumatic Fittings, Instrumentation. Industrial infrastructure setup and consultancy to create a strong, efficient and cost effective architecture is our claim to fame.

The company enjoys a solid position of leadership as a supplier of mechanical equipment, systems, and safety products in the high scale heavy and light industry markets alike. Our enviable track record speaks eloquently of the Company’s ability to provide innovative solutions by exploiting cutting-edge technology.

Support & Services

Reliable Equipment offers proven, flexible, high efficiency and safe products to address a broad range of standard  problems faced by the industry, however, not all requirements can be met with ready-made solutions for example sophisticated and sensitive systems often need to be designed to meet customer specific requirements operational procedures and process.

With its all-round capabilities - such as project management, implementation and configuration services, and customer support – Reliable Equipment offers you the most comprehensive and cost effective mean of addressing your mechanical infrastructure challenges, remote management and supervisory control solutions.

Our Mission Vision

Reliable Equipment has a very strong and experienced team to give our clients a sense of satisfaction and establish a strong regional business network in (Oil & Gas Refineries, Power Generation, Chemical & Petrochemical, Cement Industries, Fertilizers Industries, Pulp & Paper Production, Textile Industries, Pharmaceuticals, Food Beverage, Iron & Steel Production, Automobile Assemblers and Sugar & allied Industries) and continuously serving the markets needs